This is the Full Metal Jacket... the toughest and most durable case ever made for the iPhone 6 Plus.  We are a young company that is looking to disrupt the mobile phone accessories market by putting something so high quality out there that it would be impossible for other manufacturers to copy us.  This is our niche and we own it because no one makes a tougher case than us!

These cases are CNC machined from aircraft grade 6061 billet aluminum bar stock and sandblasted for smoothness and uniformity, anodized for color and corrosion resistance, then polished.  This intense process and quality is the reason for the relatively prohibitive price but we feel we are offering a great way to protect the investment of the $1250 iPhone 6 Plus.  The screen itself will cost at least $250 to repair if cracked.  Most insurance deductibles are $200 so don't believe that hype.  Drop your phone and you will pay $$$!

The manufacturing process is extremely expensive and high quality as the CNC machines involved cost well over $250000.  For those uncompromising people that want the absolute best, this is it.  This case really is very different from the rest.  Hands down this is the toughest iPhone 6 Plus case on the market, ever.

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Full Metal Jacket for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7 Plus in Laser Red

  • Brand: Blackened Industries
  • Product Code: blackenedindustries.indestructable.iphone6pluscase.laserred
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  • $88.88

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